About Us

Wisconsin Lakers — the premier Wisconsin girls club basketball program — was founded in 1997. The program is based in the Lake Country area with practices taking place in the Arrowhead, Kettle Moraine, and Oconomowoc school districts. Our players join us from Appleton, Beaver Dam, Dodgeville, Madison, and Racine, as well as both Waukesha and Milwaukee counties. Wisconsin Lakers also have a program based in Kohler, Wisconsin that holds separate tryouts.

What sets us apart as the premier Wisconsin girls club basketball program?

Wisconsin girls club basketballEvery program plays in games, but the Wisconsin Lakers place greater emphasis on training. We pride ourselves on our intense group workouts. These “skills and drills” sessions are the best value in basketball today. At $15 per session, we offer a minimum of 1.5 hours of ball handling, shooting, conditioning, agility, and strength training. We combine fundamentals with game like scenarios and rigorous physical activity. Every workout is focused on player development because it is our goal to get every player to the next level. Next level of achievement, next level of competition, and eventually college scholarship opportunities.

Please note this is a scholarship “opportunity.” We do not allow players from outside the program to train with the Wisconsin Lakers, nor do we allow players to play for other programs while playing for the Lakers. We have helped over 100 players attain NCAA D1/D2 scholarships and 10 players attain NAIA scholarships, although we never promise college scholarships. Currently, we have had over a 100 players play college basketball! 

We’re sponsored by Under Armour and 1 of 32 teams in the country that are. We’re Wisconsin’s only UAA sponsored program. We’re also a member of the Power 24 League by Select 40. This is the Elite division and are once again Wisconsin’s only Power 24 program. These are two of the best platforms in the country. No other Wisconsin club provides two platforms at this level. Girls UAA Team List

Tips for Earning a College Scholarship

Earning vs. Promising

The Wisconsin Lakers makes a clear distinction when it comes to a player’s pursuit of a career beyond high school. Outside of a college coach, no one can promise you a scholarship. What we as an elite basketball program can offer you is unlimited help and opportunities.

  • Training – In order to become a college athlete, you must train like one. Our skills and drills sessions prepare you for the physical and mental demands of a college program. In addition to the practices, games, and group workouts, the Wisconsin Lakers can and will provided customized weight lifting programs to those athletes who are serious about their development.
  • Goal Alignment – You cannot achieve your goals alone. It is imperative that you surround yourself with other players who possess the same goals and aspirations. Basketball is a team sport, the success of an individual player is dependent on the success of the team and its program. The Wisconsin Lakers IS a successful program comprised of successful teams and players.
  • Help and Connections – In order to be recruited, college coaches will need to know of you. It’s imperative that you have someone who knows the NCAA recruiting rules, and has sound relationships with college coaches. Basically, you need someone credible in your corner to advocate on your behalf. The Wisconsin Lakers does that. Between our coaches and directors, we have sound relationships with countless college programs. This is evident by the fact that we have had or currently have graduated Laker players in the following states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Utah, and Wisconsin. The most exciting fact is that we are adding more each year! We are a nationally recognized program, so what part of the country interests you?
  • Succeed When You Get There – It’s not enough just to get a scholarship in our opinion. We focus on the success rate of out college players. It starts with the player/program cohesion. The school has to fit for the player and their family. Our coaches and directors will work to find the BEST offer for your player. Not only, that, we will help them after they have signed. Our training continues, so long as the player is willing to work hard. Additionally, we follow our player’s college careers, and support them in any way they need us too.

Playing seasons with the Wisconsin Lakers

Generally we host two tryouts per year, the first of which takes place in Fall, the second occurs in Spring.

High School Travel Season
    • Practices begin in late March.
    • The first events are in April during the spring evaluation period.
    • On average, these teams play 10-12 events.
    • Traveling is common especially during the recruiting-intensive month of July.
    • The season ends in July, but there is one fall recruiting opportunity.
    • At this level, regular workout attendance is expected in order to maintain our status as the premier Wisconsin girls club basketball program.
Regional High School Season
    • Practices begin in late April or early May.
    • These teams play in 9-10 tournaments starting in late May.
    • Minnesota and Northern Illinois is likely as far as this group will travel.
    • Workout attendance is very highly encouraged.
Youth Teams
    • Practices begin in early May.
    • The number of events vary by age, but 6 is our minimum.
    • Practices take place one or two times a week and workouts are very highly encouraged.

How to Become a WI Laker

First and foremost, review the information found on this website. You may also contact us directly via email at lakersbball05@gmail or contact our assistant director Mike Elles at 702-759-5918. No email? Use our contact form on the Contact page.

Please remember, “It matters who you play for,” so we hope to see you in a Lakers uniform very soon!